AHCS Student Rotation

AHCS is increasingly aware of the need to cultivate a well trained workforce that meets the evolving needs of health care delivery. Having a prepared workforce, primed to address current and future challenges of healthcare requires ample exposure and training on culturally competent, patient experience-focused.

AHCS has a state-of-the-art behavioral health/psychiatric Ambulatory Care APPE rotation for 3rd & 4th year Pharmacy Students who have the desire to be change agents by impacting direct patient care as a pharmacist healthcare provider. Our unique rotation program provides students the opportunity to work within scope as a clinical pharmacist, supporting underserved, marginalized communities.

We have a robust telehealth Medication Therapy Management Program, EHR documentation and direct patient engagement by our clinical team to make an impact on patient care and outcomes.

Our Pharmacy School Partners

What You Do On This Rotation:

  • Direct patient care through Telehealth
  • Perform advanced MTM assessments
  • Provide patient care and information
  • Drug-Drug interaction management
  • Adverse reaction management
  • Engage with pharmacist clinicians and patients healthcare team to make recommendations and therapy suggestions
  • Work within the scope of AHCS Collaborative practice agreement with pharmacist clinicians
  • Understand behavioral health and psychiatric disorders including substance use disorder and how this impacts your patients overall well being
  • Work with pharmacist clinicians understanding and administering MAT treatments
  • Covid-19 mobile vaccination and Flu vaccine clinics

Make a difference in underserved communities across California