Population Health

Current industry trends towards outcome-driven care necessitates the development of population specific, integrated solutions that maximize success in value-based arrangements. AHCS helps partner organizations (health systems, health plans, IPAs, MSOs and other risk-based entities) in the design and implementation of solutions tailored to the individual needs of populations. We collaborate with partners to improve outcomes across the continuum of care.

Project Managers are deployed to support the development of population health solutions. They are tasked with understanding the unique needs of each organization. Whether its budget constraints, complex funding sources and requirements, population health objectives or risk management, AHCS Project Managers work with partners to develop whole-person, data driven solutions for improving outcomes and reducing acute utilization.

AHCS Services that Support Population Health Solutions
Consulting Services
  • Advantage project managers apply a consulting approach to troubleshoot specific challenges of our partners and their patients, thereby allowing us to craft solutions to address workflow bottlenecks.
  • Project Managers develop an on-boarding plan, engage in regular touch points and utilize reporting tools to integrate pharmacy services into partner workflow.
  • Consultants leverage and integrate Advantage’s clinical, social work, data and pharmacy team members to target medication management challenges and develop solutions to support the broad goals of our partners.
Vaccination and Long Acting Injectable
  • AHCS Clinical Services provide mobile vaccination clinics at partner sites for Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters as well as influenza vaccines for patients and employees.
  • Our Clinical Services team of nurses and pharmacists host injection clinics to administer long acting injectable (LAI) antipsychotics at partner sites and select AHCS pharmacy locations. Enhancing patient access to LAIs improve patient outcomes and decrease provider burden.
Co-location of pharmacy services with your practice
  • On-site pharmacy enables the Advantage team to seamlessly integrate core and clinical pharmacy services into your patient care model. The primary goals of the on-site pharmacy model is to provide whole person care, improve patient outcomes and reduce medication access burden on your patients and care team.
  • An on-site medication coordinator enables the Advantage team to integrate into your practice’s workflow to support and manage medication access related challenges.
Efficient and Cost-effective Delivery Service through “hub and spoke” model
  • Given AHCS experience with a patient population that predominantly suffers from complex behavioral health needs, meeting patients in their community through delivery of pharmacy services provides greater opportunity for medication optimization, chronic disease management, care coordination, patient education and patient empowerment. Our “hub and spoke” model provides for a more cost-effective delivery service and increased flexibility by leveraging economies of scale and automation. Each pharmacy “hub” houses an AHCS Clinical Pharmacy Lead and Project Manager to drive outcome optimization and create customized workflows that support specific partner and geographic needs.
  • AHCS’ existing delivery footprint in Southern California includes Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, Sacramento and Central California counties. Our delivery footprints include existing mobile care teams and supportive staff with extensive experience in servicing complex populations.
Data Analytics and Insights
  • Our in-house data and analytics team craft tailored solutions to give partners the critical edge in providing value-based care, optimized clinical performance, improved patient outcomes and reduced costs.
  • Actionable reporting tools are designed to proactively identify opportunities for intervention, mitigating the risk of decompensation and/or hospitalization.
  • Due to the complex nature of the populations served, exception management based markers are established to identify at-risk patients.
  • Capacity to collaborate with pharmaceutical manufacturers to support Health Economics, Outcomes and Research (HEOR) studies.