Education Advantage Healthcare Services places a high priority on ensuring that patients are informed and equipped with the information that they require. Education is an integral part of the journey of healing and we focus on many of the elements that allow patients to be proactive in their own [...]

Supportive Services


Supportive Services Today’s patients have a desire to know about their medical therapies and Advantage Healthcare Services believes that education and outreach play a critical role in both their interaction and adherence participation. Our bi-lingual staff offers an approach that encompasses many patient needs that are often overlooked. We [...]

340B Partnerships


340B Partnerships Advantage Healthcare Services takes pride in being part of many 340B partnerships across the Southern California area. The 340B programs are an integral and important segment of patient treatment, bringing discounted drug programs to those that need them the most. Without the 340B program, many of these [...]

Medication Therapy Management


Medication Therapy Management AHCS has altered the way that patient treatment is perceived. Our mission is to make use of medication therapy management as a way to focus treatments in a patient-concentric pharmacy care method as opposed to a drug-centric model. We view our role as a proactive step, [...]



Clinics Advantage Healthcare Services coordinates with our clinic community to address and bridge the gaps that patients may face. Our attention to detail assures continuity of treatment and attention so that the varying needs of the patients are met. As an integral team member, our services are designed to [...]

Senior Homes Board & Care


Senior Homes - Board & Care Our commitment in working with senior homes and board & care includes the understanding of the unique circumstances that exist in this environment. AHCS addresses every aspect as a complete team associate in seeking methods and ways to ensure patient health and continuity [...]

Pharmaceutical Reps


Pharmaceutical Reps Patient recuperation through medication adherence continues to be one of the top influencing factors. AHCS has taken the approach in understanding the complex reasons that patients may not maintain their medication regiment and designed a sophisticated level of adherence programs to address patient needs and lifestyle. Our [...]



Hospitals The primary focus of Advantage Healthcare Services in the hospital setting is to enrich the lives of our patients and take actions to help in ensuring a reduction in medication related readmissions. This mission incorporates a broad spectrum of conscientious awareness of patient needs blended with the communication [...]



Physicians AHCS works with the physician community as an integral team member. We integrate many services that address the needs of the patients in an expedient manner and avoids both medication interruption and any loss in communication. We address the various aspects of patient needs through coordinated efforts on [...]

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