Project Description


Advantage Healthcare Services coordinates with our clinic community to address and bridge the gaps that patients may face. Our attention to detail assures continuity of treatment and attention so that the varying needs of the patients are met.

As an integral team member, our services are designed to help the patient in many aspects of treatment and recovery and include:

  • Assistance in alleviating office staff workload with PA/TARS program completions (prior authorization/treatment authorization requests).
  • Multiple delivery options: directly to the clinic, mailed to patient or care giver, and delivered via courier.
  • Medication reconciliation.
  • Access and familiarity with specialty medication requirements including complex oral medication regimens.
  • Customized packaging and delivery options for patient adherence and needs to include: bubble packing, single card, multiple medication cards, weekly/monthly supplies.
  • Complete pharmacy concierge services for patient attention.
  • Patient assistance programs designed to help patients with education, outreach and personal support teams. These programs include overall medication education, adherence information, substance abuse counseling, housing placement services, mental health services, access to long acting injectables, specialty medical care, benefits planning, insurance enrollment and transportation.