Project Description

Hepatitis C

There is now an excellent treatment program for patients with the acute hepatitis C virus (HCV), as the latest medication releases bring not only the benefit of treatment but a cure in an 8 to 12 week treatment course.

AHCS offers patients a variety of options for treatment in either daily pills or injection choices. While the progress toward cure is within the reach of the patient, it is completely dependent upon continuity of treatment. Our specialized support services team take the extra step in ensuring that the patient receives the appropriate medication and maintains the diligence in the regiment.

Our additional services involve patient and family education, continuance of physician appointments and the level of patient sensitivity that is part of our approach.

New and innovative medications are being launched and some of the common therapies that we provide include: Solvadi, Harvoni, Viekira Pak, Pechnivie, Ribavarin and Peg-interferon. We coordinate with the primary physician and the patient to communicate condition status as well as any changes in therapy that might be needed to ensure a full recovery.