Project Description


While treatment methods for those with HIV/AIDs has improved, the key for patients is in maintaining their medication therapy. Research has shown that continuity in medication treatment can allow patients to live a quality life.

The priority in addressing the HIV/AIDS issue is reflected in the UNAIDS of 2011 stating that worldwide, there are 34 million people living with HIV and an estimated 2.5 million new HIV infections for that year.

Positive changes from the early treatment challenges that caused numerous and long term effects have resulted in the development of new medications combined into a single daily pill with less side effects.

Advanced Healthcare Services offers patients the sensitivity in care that is needed as well as patient education to help convey the importance of maintaining a strengthened immune system by continuing medication therapies that reduce the amount of virus in the blood.

Today’s HIV/AIDS treatments go beyond just diagnosis, and enter the realm of compassion, understanding and coordinating with patient, primary caregiver and family. Our specialist team brings an enhanced sense of awareness to all that are involved in the battle against HIV/AIDS.