Project Description

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones guide the body throughout life in a variety of ways to regulate health conditions. As patients age, the production of hormones decrease, especially after women reach menopause. The symptoms that are caused in the reduction of hormones can cause everything from hot flashes to osteoporosis, reducing quality of life and increasing dangerous health situations.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), is a method of introducing the crucial hormones back into the body to allow a decrease in symptoms and medical conditions.

Addressing the proper hormone replacement requires a complete physician analysis to identify the percentages of each hormone needed. AHCS coordinates with compounding medication to create the correct individual formula that allows a patient to achieve both improved health and the elimination of the symptoms caused by menopause.

Our services include communication with the patient via our support service/patient advocate liaisons in efforts to assist patients in maintaining their medication therapies and assuring that the compounded formula is achieving the required results. Our interaction with primary physicians is a key element to establish any adjustments in the medication that may be needed and then supply the patient with the appropriate medication.