Project Description


The primary focus of Advantage Healthcare Services in the hospital setting is to enrich the lives of our patients and take actions to help in ensuring a reduction in medication related readmissions. This mission incorporates a broad spectrum of conscientious awareness of patient needs blended with the communication requirements to encompass complete personal and medical continuity.

We incorporate attention to the varied and complex aspects of hospital patient care including:

  • Hospital bedside delivery programs so assist in medication maintenance.
  • Coordinating with physicians, case management and nursing staff for PA (prior authorization) and TARS (treatment authorization requests)
  • Coordinating with discharge doctors for care follow through in medication reconciliation.
  • Focus on patient contact to assure medication adherence to reduce hospital readmissions.
  • Consistency in contact with all medical team members to convey any observed or communicated changes that may affect patient recovery.
  • Discharge team coordination to enable in-stock medication requirements.

Working throughout a patient’s hospital stay, AHCS acts to bridge the gaps that sometimes occur so that the patient achieves the ultimate health goals.