Project Description

Medication Therapy Management

AHCS has altered the way that patient treatment is perceived. Our mission is to make use of medication therapy management as a way to focus treatments in a patient-concentric pharmacy care method as opposed to a drug-centric model. We view our role as a proactive step, giving us the opportunity to review the entire profile of a patient and step in, as necessary, to address therapy problems as they come to surface. Our unique ability to work with physicians and health care provider partners has elevated our MTM program so that it offers patient benefits such as:

  • Ensuring all medications are taken properly.
  • MTM service free enrollment for the patient.
  • Answering in-depth patient questions regarding their specific medication program.
  • A holistic approach to integrate all members of the patient’s healthcare team.
  • Serving as a bridge between the patient and their enrolling physician by discussing medication concerns to achieve adherence.
  • Maintaining medication refill schedules to ensure continuity of medication prior to refill needs.
  • Providing a complete medication reconciliation for the patient to help with optimal outcome.
  • Prioritizing a focus on the patient with follow up services that complement the schedule of the patient.
  • A pharmacy staff that is MTM certified and trained.

Through attention to MTM details we assist the patient in their medication comfort level while providing feedback to doctors to keep them informed about return visits and medication attention.