Long Term Care & Senior Care


Long Term Care & Senior Care Patients in long term care/senior care often suffer from multiple health disorders that require a variety of providers. To ensure that there isn’t any disconnect in communication, Advanced Healthcare Services acts as a main contact between the residency location, the patient and the [...]

Hepatitis C


Hepatitis C There is now an excellent treatment program for patients with the acute hepatitis C virus (HCV), as the latest medication releases bring not only the benefit of treatment but a cure in an 8 to 12 week treatment course. AHCS offers patients a variety of options for [...]

Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormone Replacement Therapy Hormones guide the body throughout life in a variety of ways to regulate health conditions. As patients age, the production of hormones decrease, especially after women reach menopause. The symptoms that are caused in the reduction of hormones can cause everything from hot flashes to osteoporosis, [...]



HIV & AIDS While treatment methods for those with HIV/AIDs has improved, the key for patients is in maintaining their medication therapy. Research has shown that continuity in medication treatment can allow patients to live a quality life. The priority in addressing the HIV/AIDS issue is reflected in the [...]

Transitional Care


Transitional Care Our specialized staff coordinates the critical continuity requirements during the transition of a patient from one facility to another. The priority in monitoring the conditions of these patients, many of whom may live with five or more chronic conditions, during relocation brings consistency across a broad span [...]

Mental Health


Mental Health Mental health disorders cover a gamut of diagnoses and affect the patient and their families in ways that cross the landscape of life quality. In a given year, 43.8 million adults will experience some type of mental illness and 1 in 5 American adults will experience a [...]

Community Support


Community Support We value community involvement and support many awareness programs. Our community partners include ACTION, AIDS Walk, ASF, Delhi Center, and Shanti. For more information, visit our Education & Outreach page.

Adherence Programs


Adherence Solutions Maintaining a medical regiment is one of the key aspects of health improvement, however, many patients in the U.S. fall short, refilling prescriptions and never taking them or simply ceasing their medication all together. The treatments are critical, especially in the case of high risk patients. We [...]

Specialty Care


Specialty Care Advantage Healthcare Services has extensive expertise in working with patients that are dealing with advanced disease states. Our integrative approach combines compassion with medical knowledge and incorporates the holistic aspect to help to assure that a patient receives the attention that they need. Our full service pharmacies [...]

Collaborative Healthcare


Expert Health Unit We believe that working together with patients’ physicians, case managers, advocates, and family members is the best way to help our patients stay healthy. Once you let us know who is “on your team” we’re happy to work with them to make sure everyone is [...]

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