Project Description

Pharmaceutical Reps

Patient recuperation through medication adherence continues to be one of the top influencing factors. AHCS has taken the approach in understanding the complex reasons that patients may not maintain their medication regiment and designed a sophisticated level of adherence programs to address patient needs and lifestyle.

Our support team adds the human element that is required in the intricacies involved in addressing medication adherence. We customize solutions that meet the needs of the patients so that they will have the best quality management for disease state treatments. We coordinate and work with pharmaceutical companies and the community to:

  • Educate patients about the best and latest medications for their disease states.
  • Assist in affordability with medication coupons, rebates and discounts.
  • Host seminars for patient knowledge advancement about specific medications and therapies.

Ensuring that patients continue their medication regiments is one of the major ways to encourage patients in their road to wellness. Our team is devoted to appealing to and addressing the various touch points that can make a difference in patient health.