Project Description

Specialty Care

Advantage Healthcare Services has extensive expertise in working with patients that are dealing with advanced disease states. Our integrative approach combines compassion with medical knowledge and incorporates the holistic aspect to help to assure that a patient receives the attention that they need.

Our full service pharmacies address special requirements in a proactive way with personalized services that goes beyond expectations, allowing us to differentiate ourselves in patient improvement. We understand that caring and wellness have many faces, and our team works diligently to address the multi-layered needs that our patients require. Our supportive services and patient liaison/advocates work with patients throughout Southern California to assist in many aspects of their medication requirements. From consultations and transportation, to delivery and insurance, we coordinate the details so they can focus on their health.

Each of our locations offer an array of services that help in maintaining medication adherence, monitoring progress and collaborating with a patient’s healthcare professionals to convey the optimum level of care. At AHCS, we have chosen patient concentric methods to design a model that meets and exceeds the emotional and medical attention of specialty care patients. We include many services that accommodate the human aspects of patient needs and reducing some of the stress factors with a convergence on their wellness goals.

Through our work with industry partners, we address the often challenging needs of patients that may have difficulty gaining access to critical medication on both the availability and financial fronts. These efforts extend to our close alignment and relationship with many of the drug companies in coordinating both PA and TARS for medication treatment of both standard and high risk disease states. Our open alliance with the drug companies has allowed many of the newly launched medications to become available to the patients that have the highest requirements. We follow through with direct physician communication to ensure patient access to the medications that they need.

Our mission is to incorporate a broad-spectrum balance that includes services that are not normally found within the pharmacy realm. We have taken the concept of health and wellness to an elevated level so that no stone is left unturned to assure their improvement. Our tailored approach includes full pharmacy services along with specialties such as:

  • Transitional Care

  • Mental Health

  • HIV & AIDS

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Hepatitis C

  • Long Term Care & Senior Care

Transitional Care

Our specialized staff coordinates the critical continuity requirements during the transition of a patient from one facility to another. The priority in monitoring the conditions of these patients, many of whom may live with five or more chronic conditions, during relocation brings consistency across a broad span as compared to standard care.

Evidence based studies have shown transitional care to assist in:

  • Reduced hospital readmissions in preventable primary and co-existing health conditions.
  • An enhanced care experience for the patient.
  • Health outcome improvements
  • Overall total health care cost reduction

Advanced Healthcare Services works diligently to ensure complete communication efforts across a variety of healthcare settings and providers, blending patient caregiver education to bridge the chasm in ensuring best practices and approach for the patient.

Mental Health

Mental health disorders cover a gamut of diagnoses and affect the patient and their families in ways that cross the landscape of life quality. In a given year, 43.8 million adults will experience some type of mental illness and 1 in 5 American adults will experience a mental illness condition within their lifetime.

The need for attention to these crippling conditions is demonstrated in the research that shows almost 60% of adults with a mental illness did not receive any kind of assistance in the previous year.

AHCS takes an innovative approach to address the need through communication with health care providers and our support service/patient advocate liaisons to ensure that patients maintain individualized attention in their medication regiments and arrive at designated appointments.

An elevated level of attention is required for these debilitating disorders, often requiring varied medication therapies that are adjusted due to symptoms, reactions, and viability. Our staff works with the patient and primary care give to address medication treatment, from long acting injectables to daily tablets.

HIV & Aids

While treatment methods for those with HIV/AIDs has improved, the key for patients is in maintaining their medication therapy. Research has shown that continuity in medication treatment can allow patients to live a quality life.

The priority in addressing the HIV/AIDS issue is reflected in the UNAIDS of 2011 stating that worldwide, there are 34 million people living with HIV and an estimated 2.5 million new HIV infections for that year.

Positive changes from the early treatment challenges that caused numerous and long term effects have resulted in the development of new medications combined into a single daily pill with less side effects.

Advanced Healthcare Services offers patients the sensitivity in care that is needed as well as patient education to help convey the importance of maintaining a strengthened immune system by continuing medication therapies that reduce the amount of virus in the blood.

Today’s HIV/AIDS treatments go beyond just diagnosis, and enter the realm of compassion, understanding and coordinating with patient, primary caregiver and family. Our specialist team brings an enhanced sense of awareness to all that are involved in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

Hormone Replacement Surgery

Hormones guide the body throughout life in a variety of ways to regulate health conditions. As patients age, the production of hormones decrease, especially after women reach menopause. The symptoms that are caused in the reduction of hormones can cause everything from hot flashes to osteoporosis, reducing quality of life and increasing dangerous health situations.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), is a method of introducing the crucial hormones back into the body to allow a decrease in symptoms and medical conditions.

Addressing the proper hormone replacement requires a complete physician analysis to identify the percentages of each hormone needed. AHCS coordinates with compounding medication to create the correct individual formula that allows a patient to achieve both improved health and the elimination of the symptoms caused by menopause.

Our services include communication with the patient via our support service/patient advocate liaisons in efforts to assist patients in maintaining their medication therapies and assuring that the compounded formula is achieving the required results. Our interaction with primary physicians is a key element to establish any adjustments in the medication that may be needed and then supply the patient with the appropriate medication.

Hepatitis C

There is now an excellent treatment program for patients with the acute hepatitis C virus (HCV), as the latest medication releases bring not only the benefit of treatment but a cure in an 8 to 12 week treatment course.

AHCS offers patients a variety of options for treatment in either daily pills or injection choices. While the progress toward cure is within the reach of the patient, it is completely dependent upon continuity of treatment. Our specialized support services team take the extra step in ensuring that the patient receives the appropriate medication and maintains the diligence in the regiment.

Our additional services involve patient and family education, continuance of physician appointments and the level of patient sensitivity that is part of our approach.

New and innovative medications are being launched and some of the common therapies that we provide include: Solvadi, Harvoni, Viekira Pak, Pechnivie, Ribavarin and Peg-interferon. We coordinate with the primary physician and the patient to communicate condition status as well as any changes in therapy that might be needed to ensure a full recovery.

Long Term Care & Senior Care

Patients in long term care/senior care often suffer from multiple health disorders that require a variety of providers. To ensure that there isn’t any disconnect in communication, Advanced Healthcare Services acts as a main contact between the residency location, the patient and the providers for medication efficacy.

Our services include support service/patient advocate liaisons that monitor the patient status and free delivery of medications to care facilities. We understand the critical nature of medication adherence, specifically for patients that may have more than one critical condition.

The ability of AHCS to play a crucial role in serving patients in long term care/senior care assists in the reduction of missed medication and thereby decrease the chances of hospital admission through elevated illness states.

Our attention to detail incorporates an innovative approach so that there is a communication line maintained with all providers involved. This allows us to participate as a single source for potential medication changes to improve the patient condition.