Leaders in designing integrated pharmacy solutions that address barriers to care for complex populations


Who we are

Advantage Healthcare Services is strategically positioned as one of California’s fastest growing independent pharmacy groups specializing in behavioral health.

We have extensive experience serving patients with behavioral health needs through our existing partnerships with approximately 250 clinics in California, serving approximately 200,000 behavioral health lives. Through our partnerships, AHCS provides clinical pharmacy services and data analytics support.

Tailored Solutions

Our consultative approach tailors solutions that address the unique needs of patients with complex health conditions and integrates seamlessly with the providers that serve them. We are prepared to customize solutions that address market demographic, geographic and program variability.

Data Driven

AHCS is committed to supporting population health management efforts through clinical pharmacy services. Our overarching goal is to provide data-driven, high-quality clinical pharmacy services in a patient-centric manner.

Whole Person Model Of Care

Leveraging our deep operational experience, AHCS designs clinical pharmacy solutions that also address a broader range of patient needs in other areas that impact health and wellness. Our tailored, patient centric services utilize a “whole person” care approach to address social challenges that impede outcome optimization. We understand the importance of providing accessible, team-based pharmacy care that enhances.

  1. Medication adherence and optimization
  2. Chronic disease management
  3. Care planning and coordination
  4. Patient education
  5. Patient empowerment