Pharmacy services go beyond efficient product distribution and are integrated within “whole person” care models.

Our local pharmacy presence enhances team-based care and supports patients and providers in achieving health outcome goals.
As pharmacy care extenders, our focus is maximizing patient outcomes, supporting providers in care planning, reducing costs and ensure success in value-based care models.

We carry a large inventory of chronic disease, infectious disease, behavioral health, and transplant medications.

We provide patient specific adherence packaging, free delivery and/or mailing of prescription options.

Our pharmacy team includes bilingual team members that provide culturally sensitive education on lower cost medication alternatives and medication therapy optimization.

Pharmacy team members collaborate closely with providers to discuss treatment modifications as needed.

Medication management and medication synchronization options are available to patients to support adherence.

Specialized team to help facilitate the  Prior Authorization (PA) and Treatment Authorization Requests (TAR) process between providers and patients.

Our clinical pharmacy team support the continuum of care by utilizing a “whole person” care approach to patient care and engagement, and by providing a feedback loop to care team members.

AHCS Clinical Services are seamlessly integrated within existing care models to create synergy with partners and their unique patient populations.

AHCS Clinical Services offer turnkey Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services to ensure the best therapeutic outcome for patients.
(1) Telehealth and in person modalities to support patient engagement.
(2) Customized EHR with patient data capture and electronic billing services to maximize program efficiency, scalability, patient outcomes and partner satisfaction.

340B programs are integral to ensuring that discounted drug prices are extended to those that need it the most. AHCS helps covered entities extend federal resources to eligible patients. By leveraging our data analytics and insights capabilities, we work with covered entities to identify opportunities to maximize pharmacy utilization under 340B structures.

Our pharmacists work under Collaborative Practice Agreements with partners providing advanced pharmacy services that help achieve Quadruple Aim goals. As provider  extenders, our pharmacists utilize their expertise to ensure patient needs are met by working collaboratively with providers on achieving care plan goals and delivering personalized, culturally competent care.

Patients living in long term care settings often have multiple chronic conditions, requiring specialized attention and care. AHCS partners with long term care entities to ensure patient treatment plans are met through Medication Therapy Management (MTM), medication reconciliation, and medication audit services. We work closely with providers to ensure seamless care is provided within the long-term care setting, bridging care across multiple settings and ensuring patients receive the care and attention they deserve.

Advantage provides organizations the opportunity to leverage the portal of our local pharmacy presence to support patients and providers in achieving health outcomes goals. Community pharmacists are in a unique position to help patients understand their conditions, educate them on their medications, and most importantly – support patients in adhering to care plan goals. Every interaction between a patient and pharmacist is an opportunity to maximize treatment, address barriers  and alert the care team about arising risks that impact health outcomes. AHCS’s supportive service staff work in concert with the patient’s care team to:

Reinforce primary care linkage,

Support with housing navigation, and 

Provide social service linkage 

Leading with a whole person care approach to improve overall health outcomes, we build trusting relationships with patients to address social barriers and change behavior.